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Department of Engineering Mechanics and Energy
Department of Engineering Mechanics and Energy - Mechanical Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering - Energy Engineering - Nuclear Engineering - Electrical ENgineering


EME (Department of Engineering Mechanics and Energy) covers broad range of engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, aeronautical engineering, nuclear engineering, electrical engineering, and energy engineering. The department places emphasis not only on traditional academic training related to the planning, design, and manufacture of hardware, but also on developing an ability to solve problems from the global point of view. The curriculum consists of subjects in four fundamental courses:

  1. Structure, disaster mitigation, and reliability engineering,
  2. Solid mechanics and materials science,
  3. Fluid and environmental engineering,
  4. Energy and thermal engineering.

Most of ongoing researches deal with advanced topics in the above areas free from a conventional classification.


Master of engineering
Doctor of philosophy in engineering

Undergraduate College

College of Engineering Systems

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Satoshi Takewaka - Department chair

  takewaka***@**kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)
3F300, Third floor, University of Tsukuba,
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8573, Japan

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