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Report on 11CCEE (08/04/2015)
One of the most frightening and destructive phenomena of nature is a severe earthquake and its terrible effects. The earthquake occurred frequently especially in recent years with a great damage to infrastructure and caused a lot of casualties and loss. It captures the public's attention. Our group, with six members including our supervisor Toshiyuki Kanakubo had been invited to attend the conference called 11th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering (11CCEE) which held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada from 21-24 July 2015 (More...)
Report on the 4th ACF International Conference (02/14/2011)
Mr.Wei Zhang, who works with Professor Kanakubo, attended The 4th ACF International Conference held in Taipei. His report on the conference and also his experiences in Tsukuba are documented. (More...)

Detonation Symposium (03/12/2009)
Detonation Symposium concerning thrusters for aerospace applications was held in University of Tsukuba. with a cooperation of JAXA and Detonation Research Group.
September 11: New theory for the collapse of WTC
Prof. Daigoro Isobe deployed a new theory on the fatal cause of
the total collapse of the New York WTC towers, which occurred on 11th of September, 2001. According to the numerical simulation carried out using his newly developed finite element code, spring-back phenomena in the core columns caused by the aircraft impact were observed.
It was fatal enough to produce a gigantic tensile force on the columns, which might have triggered the total fracture of some column joints, eventually leading to the total collapse of the towers. (More...)

EME Spotlight floating droplet

A large water droplet is levitated in the atmosphere by the ultrasonic standing wave.

The present technology is developing in Prof.Yutaka Abe's lab for the fluid dynamic control under the micro-gravity environment in space shuttle and space station. The research is conducting in collaboration with JAXA.

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