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Admissions for International Applicants

International applicants usually spend a research student (Kenkyu-sei) period to prepare for the admission examinations with the assistance of a faculty member relevant to the applicant's academic interest. Alternatively, some applicants skip such period and directly take the admission examinations. Please also make sure about the Visa regulations at the nearby Japanese Embassy.

Application for a research student (Kenkyu-sei)

An applicant is required to obtain consent from a faculty member, pertinent to his/her academic interest, to serve as an advisor during the research student period. The web page of information about the faculty members and research laboratories is here.

Once the applicant has received a permit from the faculty member, please send an application form to International Student Center by following the instruction here.

Admission examination

One is strongly recommended to contact a faculty member in advance. For detailed information, please refer to:

Admission - Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering

General information

Enrollment Guidebook for International Students

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