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Guidance for course selection

Requirement for completing our master course program

Please look at the following documents:
Master's course (page 2 in English)
Doctoral course (page 2 in English)

Course plan sheet

All the EME students are supposed to submit a course plan sheet (Rishu keikaku hyo) to the department office in the beginning of each semester.
(The announcement will be made by email.)
They have to show the sheet to your supervisors and have their signature in the sheet before submission.
The submission is required even if you do not take any courses to secure regular meeting with your supervisors.

The format of the sheet is available in:
Download 'eme_enrl.doc'.

Classification of the courses in EME

Our courses are classified into 'Core subjects', 'Sub-core subjects' and 'Other advanced subjects'.

Common subject(compulsory)

Seminar in Engineering Mechanics and Energy I (for year 1)
Seminar in Engineering Mechanics and Energy II (for year 2)
Research in Engineering Mechanics and Energy I (for year 1)
Research in Engineering Mechanics and Energy II (for year 2)

Advanced subjects
Core subjects
Solid and structural Engineering
Advanced Structural Mechanics
Advanced Solid Mechanics
Advanced Vibration Analysis
Fluid and Environmental Engineering
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 1
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 2
Energy and Thermal Engineering
Energy System Engineering
Engineering of Electromagnetic Energy
Sub-core subjects

Advanced Reliability Engineering
Advanced Computational Mechanics
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Transport Phenomena
Thermo-Fluids Measurement Techniques
Advanced Dynamics of Compressible Flow

Other advanced subjects
Other subjects

It is strongly recommended to take the core and the sub-core subjects related to your area of expertise in year 1. Please be advised by your supervisors.



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