ASIFEM: Finite element code for framed structures using ASI-Gauss technique
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ASIFEM is a finite element code for framed structures using the ASI-Gauss technique, which is developed in Isobe Lab., University of Tsukuba. Memory use and computational cost is minimized since it subdivides one structural member with only two linear Timoshenko beam elements. Highly accurate solutions and their convergencies are guaranteed. Basic loading problems for elastic/elasto-plastic, static/dynamic, infinitesimal/finite deformation, truss/rahmen structures can be analyzed. Updated Lagrangian Formulation (U.L.F.) is implemented as the nonlinear incremental theory. Member fracture and elemental contact are not considered. Please read user's manual before operation.

Download file ・・・ Compressed file 734KB (unpack after download)

Files compressed in
asifem_v1_3.exe ・・・Numerical code execution file (ASIFEM Ver.1.3)
input.txt ・・・Input data file
output.txt,post.out,eqs.out ・・・Output data files
manual_e.pdf ・・・User's manual
Graphic.exe ・・・Graphic software execution file (using post.out, eqs.out as input files)
color_range.txt ・・・Color range file for graphic software
glut32.dll ・・・Dynamic library for graphic software
manual(Graphic.exe)_e.txt ・・・User's manual for graphic software

*Prof. Isobe and his collaborators have no obligation of whatsoever against the results of using the ASIFEM code.
The numerical code and user's manuals are to be revised without notice.

2007.10.26 revised: Error output function is installed. Handling of errors are added in the user's manual. (Ver.1.10)
2007.10.30 revised: Moment input function is added. (Ver.1.11)

2008.2.14 revised: Input function for torsional coefficient is added. Modified for various compilers. (Ver.1.13)
2008.9.4 revised: Precision option is added. (Ver.1.20)
2017.3.23 revised: Program changed to the one described in the book "Progressive Collapse of Structures: Numerical Codes and Applications". (Ver.1.3)
2017.6.18 revised: Graphic software "iGraphic.exe" is added.
2020.6.10: The source code is now open for free download.

ASIFEM Ver.1.3 download (compressed file 1.2MB) 

Source code download (compressed file 27KB) *This program is explained in "Progressive Collapse Analysis of Structures: Numerical Codes and Applications, Elsevier, eBook ISBN: 9780128130421, Paperback ISBN: 9780128129753, 2017". Elsevier

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