Force Control of Link Systems Using the Parallel Solution Scheme


In this paper, force control of link systems considering dynamical effects is carried out by using the parallel solution scheme, which was previously proposed and successfully applied to inverse dynamics calculations of flexible manipulators. Generally, inverse dynamics is calculated by using dynamic equations, and control torque for generated forces is calculated by using Jacobian matrices derived from kinematic equations. Two different sets of torque are summed in such cases. On the other hand, the parallel solution scheme calculates both types of torque in a single procedure, without using Jacobian matrices. The calculation is enabled by solving the equation of motion in the dimension of force, and by formulating the relationship between the calculated forces and joint torque in a matrix form, separated into terms of different parameters. Generated forces for the control can be considered simply by adding the values into one of the components in the equation, which is used for calculating inverse dynamics. The validity of the scheme is verified, in this paper, by carrying out a force control experiment on a simple link system where both generated forces and dynamical effects should be considered.

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