in Japanese

For Prospective Student in EME

Note 1:
My lab. does not accept a regular course student directly from overseas. If there have been already published papers in the major journals as the first author (written in English or Japanese), please consult with us separately.

Note 2:
Those who want to enter Master course after finishing Research Student period are requested to get at least 130point in N2 or 130point in N1 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or 700point of J.TEST (A-C level).

Note 3:
If you would like to apply MEXT scholarship,
Embassy Recommendation: Please visit Japanese Embassy in your country,
University Recommendation: Please visit here.

Research Students (Kenkyusei) are those persons who conduct research about a specific research topic under the guidance of an academic advisor. Upon receiving permission from their academic advisor, research students are allowed to attend courses related to their research topic, but they cannot earn credits nor are they eligible to receive Master's or Doctoral degrees. At the University of Tsukuba, most research guidance and courses are conducted in Japanese. Therefore, those who aim at becoming research students must have sufficient Japanese skills. Please note that you must be enrolled as a regular student at a graduate program in order to obtain a Master's or a Doctoral degree. The admission procedure is different from the selection process for Research students.

Application Schedule
Application Period* Notification of Acceptance Month of Entrance
End of September to Middle of October Beginning of December April, Next year
Middle of March to Biginning of April Beginning of July October
End of May to Beginning of June Beginning of August December
*I respond the request for Communication Status 3 months prior to application.

For further information, please check the website of the university.

If you well understand and agree with above notes and the schedule, please let me know the following items via e-mail with your CV. Acceptance will be judged by the level of research plan and the results of intervews.

1. Have you understood and agreed with above notes and the schedule?

2. Your score of N1 or N2 of JLPT or J.TEST

3. The reason selecting the University of Tsukuba

4. Research plan (around 500 words including the following sections)
(1) Research background
(2) Objectives and research significance
(3) Research methods
(4) Expected results
Note 1: Research plan shall include definite methods and discussion factors upon the objective facts, and expectations of useful results in engineering fields. Valuation will be done by the level of research plan from a viewpoint of definiteness, realizability, and originality.
Note 2: My lab. treats the technologies which should be checked under Catch-All Control in Japan's export controls laws. Those who not from the White-Countries may be refused to apply depending on the research plan. See website of Center for Information on Security Trade Control.

5. Wish to enter Graduate school
Master Program: YES / NO / Undecided
Doctor Program: YES / NO / Undecided

6. Your plan when you would NOT pass the entrance exam of Graduate school
(Please answer if you fail several times)

7. Method of the payment for school fee, house and daily life in Tsukuba