Seismic Motion Analysis of Furniture Placed in a Reinforced Concrete Building using FEM


In this research, the behaviors of furniture under seismic excitation are simulated, using the code in which the frictional contact algorithm based on the sophisticated penalty method is introduced to Adaptively Shifted Integration (ASI) - Gauss code. First, we simulated the behaviors of quake-proof furniture placed on the first floor and the tenth floor of a medium-rise reinforced concrete building subjected under a seismic excitation. According to the numerical results, large motions appeared in the furniture placed on upper floors and the attached quake-proof equipment were less useful in those cases. Furthermore, the most effective means to suppress the motions was to attach the quake-proof equipment near the centroid position of furniture. Secondly, we conducted a seismic motion analysis of furniture placed on each floor of a medium-rise reinforced concrete building. As a result, the motions of furniture became larger as the location went higher.

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