Motion Analysis of Furniture Placed in RC Building under Seismic Excitation


 本稿では,防災科学技術研究所 (以下,NIED) で行われた実験に使用された建物をモデル化し,その室内に家具モデルを配置して解析を行った.解析には,ペナルティ接触理論に基づく接触アルゴリズムをASI-Gauss法に導入した転倒挙動解析コードを用いた.はじめに,実験から得られた床応答と解析結果を比較し,建物モデルの有効性について検討する.続いて,建物の10階に家具を配置した解析を実施し,その結果について考察を行う.

In big earthquakes, tumbled furniture such as bookshelves and desks in rooms may become fatal obstacles that obstruct children from evacuating. It is important to understand the overturning behaviors of furniture under seismic excitations, as well as the behaviors and damages of the building itself. The motion behaviors were analyzed using the ASI (Adaptively Shifted Integration) -Gauss code including frictional contact algorithm based on the sophisticated penalty method. The numerical results were validated by comparing with the experimental results. The numerical code is also applied to a motion analysis of a furniture placed at each floor of an RC building.

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