Damage Estimation of Steel Frame Buildings under Fire Using Collapse Analysis


Development of a fire in a steel frame building affects structural stability of the building with increase in temperature of structural steel elements exposed to fire. High temperatures of structural materials, such as steel or concrete, cause degradations of material strength and stiffness. These thermo-mechanical properties of structural materials would damage not only on structures of a building but also non-structural elements, e.g. exterior walls, compartment walls on/in the building because of large deformation of structural elements. The behavior of the building exposed to fire generally results in falling and scattering of building components on the ground near the building.The objective of this research project is to propose an evaluation method for the relation between damage of building’s structures and non-structural elements in a fire. To ensure the fire safety of buildings in fire resistance design, it is essential to clarify the damage by a fire. This research focuses on the behavior and scattered range of exterior walls on a building exposed to fire, which represents non-structural elements of a building, because falling of the walls affects safety of evacuees and firefighters around the building.

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