Dynamic Collapse Analysis of Four-Story Steel Frame Using E-Simulator


Dynamic collapse analyses of a 4-story steel building frame modeled by solid elements are performed using the E-Simulator, which is a parallel finite element analysis software package for civil and building structures. Code verification, calculation verification, and validation of the numerical codes (V&V) are conducted by comparing the results obtained by the E-Simulator, those obtained by a beam element analysis code, and the experimental results obtained by the 3-D full-scale earthquake testing facility, the E-Defense at NIED. The seismic response analyses under 60% or 100% of the JR Takatori seismic wave of the 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu earthquake are performed. The shear forces and interstory drift angles of the 1st story obtained by the E-Simulator simulation and the E-Defense full-scale test have good agreement. Both response of the whole frame and local deformation due to plastic buckling are simulated in the analysis using the E-Simulator.

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