A Seismic Collapse Analysis Code for Framed Structures using ASI-Gauss Technique


An adaptive finite element code using the linear Timoshenko beam elements based upon the adaptively shifted integration (ASI) technique and its refined version, the ASI-Gauss technique, has been developed to analyze various dynamic problems of framed structures. It gives highly accurate solutions with a minimum number of elements per member, by adaptively shifting the numerical integration point in an element to a location where that of a plastic hinge can be precisely expressed. The finite element code using the technique drastically decreases memory resources and computational time. In this presentation, capabilities of the numerical code in seismic response analyses are shown by comparing the results with detailed numerical simulations performed by the parallel finite element analysis code, the E-Simulator and experimental results obtained by the full-scale shake-table test using the world’s largest shaking table, the E-Defense.

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