E-SIMULATOR VIRTUAL SHAKING-TABLE TEST: Comparative Study on Elastoplastic Dynamic Responses of Super-Highrise Steel Frame Between Virtual Shaking-Table Test Using E-Simulator and Beam Element Analysis


The project of the E-Simulator is under way at the Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (E-Defense NIED), Japan, which facilitates the worldfs largest shaking table. The E-Simulator is a parallel finite element (FE) analysis software package that uses ADVENTURECluster as a platform, and constitutive laws and laws of fracture of materials have been implemented to analyze civil and building structures. A virtual shaking-table test of a 31-story high-rise office building is carried out using the E-Simulator in order to demonstrate its capability to analyze dynamic response of a large-scale structural model. The preliminary study using a model with a simplified mesh has been reported by Ohsaki et al.. In this study, a more detailed model is constructed and we report the comparison results between the FE-analysis using the E-Simulator and the beam element analysis.

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