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Keynote Lectures Material Properties Structural Behavior Design, Concepts Repair, Strengthening Application
1A: Strength2B: Shear 5A1B: Confinement6B
2A: Durability 13B: Bond 2C: Bond
3A: Durability 24B: Bond, Crack 3C: Flexure
4A: Long-Term5D: Flexure 1 4C: Ductility
1D: Sheet6D: Flexure 2 1C: Shear 1
5B: Grid5C: Shear 2
2D: Prestress 16C: Apl, Design
3D: Prestress 2
4D: Prestress 3



State-of-the-Art Report on Retrofitting and Strengthening by Continuous Fiber

[K101]Maruyama K. (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan) : JCI Activities on Continuous Fiber Reinforced Concrete1-3
[K102]Tan K.H. (National University of Singapore, Singapore) : State-of-the-Art Report on Retrofitting and Strengthening by Continuous Fibers : Southeast Asian Perspective - status, Prospects and Research Needs1-13
[K103]Neale K.W., Labossiere P. (University of Sherbrooke, Canada) : State-of-the-Art Report on Retrofiting and Strengthening by Continuous Fibre in Canada1-25
[K104]Meier U. (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, Switzerland) : Post Strengthening by Continuous Fiber Laminates in Europe1-41
[K105]Nanni A. (University of Missouri, USA) : Strengthening with FRP Composites : Non-Seismic Applications in the USA


Design Concepts and Procedures for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Concrete

[K201] Taerwe L. (University of Ghent, Belgium) : FRP Activities in Europe: Survey of Research and Applications1-59
[K202] Burgoyne C.J. (University of Cambridge, UK) : Rational Use of Advanced Composites in Concrete1-75
[K203] Seible F., Karbhari V., Burgueno R., Davol A., Wernli M. (University of California, San Diego, USA) : Design Issues with Carbon Fiber Composite Reinforced Concrete Structures1-89
[K204] Rizkalla S.H. (University of Manitoba, Canada) : A New Generation of Civil Engineering Structures and Bridges1-113
[K205] Machida A. (Saitama University, Japan) : Issues in Developing a Design Code for Concrete Stuructures with FRP1-129



[1A01] Otsuki N., Seki H., Kamiyoshi M. (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) : Considerations on the Tensile Strength Test Method of FRP2-3
[1A02] Yamana M., Hamada Y., Nakata Y., Hattori A. (Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation, Japan) : Stochastic Study on the Tensile Strength of Large-Capacity Multiple-Tendon Systems Using FRP Cables2-11
[1A03] Morphy R., Shehata E., Rizkalla S.H. (University of Manitoba,Canada)@: Bent Effect on Strength of CFRP Stirrups2-19
[1A04] Ishihara K., Obara T., Sato Y., Ueda T., Kakuta Y. (Hokkaido University, Japan) : Evaluation of Ultimate Strength of FRP Rods at Bent-up Portion2-27
[1A05] Burgoyne C.J., Brown I.F. (University of Cambridge, UK) : Transverse Properties of Bulk Aramid Fibres2-35
[1A06] Tanano H., Masuda Y., Sakashita M., Oono Y., Nonomura K., Satake K. (Ministry of Construction, Japan) : Tensile Properties at High Temperatures of Continuous Fiber Bars and Deflections of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams under High-Temperature Loading2-43
[1A07] Sakashita M., Masuda Y., Nakamura K., Tanano H., Nishida I., Hashimoto T. (Building Materials Technology Laboratories Corporation, Japan) : Deflection of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Loaded Heating2-51


[2A01] Porter M.L., Mehus J., Young K.A., O'Neil E.F., Barnes B.A. (Iowa State University, USA) : Aging for Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete2-59
[2A02] Uomoto T., Nishimura T. (University of Tokyo, Japan) : Development of New Alkali Resistant Hybrid AGFRP Rod2-67
[2A03] Sheard P.A., Clarke J.L., Dill M.J., Hammersley G.P., Richardson D.M. (Euro-Projects (LTTC) Ltd., UK) : Eurocrete - Taking Account of Durability for Design of FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures2-75
[2A04] Devalapura R.K., Gauchel J.V., Greenwood M., Hankin A., Humphrey T. (Owens Coming Science and Technology Center, USA) : Long-Term Durability of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites in Alkaline Environments2-83
[2A05] GangaRao H., Vijay P.V. (West Virginia University, USA) : Aging of Structural Composites under Varying Environmental Conditions2-91
[2A06] Faza S.S., Wagner O., Deusser S., McKlaskey C. (Marshall Industries Composites, Inc., USA) : A New Generation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebars for Concrete Reinforcement2-99
[2A07] Rostasy F.S. (Technical University Braunshweig, Germany) : On Durability of FRP in Aggressive Environments2-107
[2A08] Aslanova L.G. (Research, Design & Technological Institute for Concrete, Russia) : Corrosion Resistance of Non-Metallic Reinforcement Based of Basalt Fibers and Binders with of Waste of Chemical Industry2-115


[3A01] Sen R., Shahawy M., Rosas J., Sukumar S. (University of South Florida, USA) : Durability of AFRP & CFRP Pretensioned Piles in a Marine Environment2-123
[3A02] Sasaki I., Nishizaki I., Sakamoto H., Katawaki K., Kawamoto Y. (Ministry of Construction, Japan) : Durability Evaluation of FRP Cables by Exposure Tests2-131
[3A03] Tomosawa F., Nakatsuji T. (University of Tokyo, Japan) : Evaluation of ACM Reinforcement Durability by Exposure Test2-139
[3A04] Saadatmanesh H., Tannous F. (University of Arizona, USA) : Durability of FRP Rebars and Tendons2-147
[3A05] Nanni A., Boothby T.E., Cetin K.M., Shaw B.A., Bakis C.E. (The Pennsylvania State University, USA) : Environmental Degradation of Repaired Concrete Structure2-155
[3A06] Kato Y., Yamaguchi T., Nishimura T., Uomoto T. (University of Tokyo, Japan) : Computational Model for Deterioration of Aramid Fiber by Ultraviolet Rays2-163
[3A07] Guimaraes G.B., Burgoyne C.J. (Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) : Thermal Expansion Behaviour of Kevlar49 Yarns2-171


[4A01] Yamaguchi T., Kato Y., Nishimura T., Uomoto T. (University of Tokyo, Japan) : Creep Rupture of FRP Rods Made of Aramid, Carbon and Glass Fibers2-179
[4A02] Dolan C.W., Leu B.L., Hundley A. (University of Wyoming, USA) : Creep-Rupture of Fiber-Reinforced-Plastics in a Concrete Environment2-187
[4A03] Seki H., Sekijima K., Konno T. (Waseda University, Japan) : Test Method on Creep of Continuous Fiber Reinforcing Materials2-195
[4A04] Ando N., Matsukawa H., Hattori A., Mashima M. (Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd., Japan) : Experimental Studies on the Long-Term Tensile Properties of FRP Tendons2-203
[4A05] Hikimura T., Sakai K., Okazaki S. (Sho-Bond Corporation, Japan) : Relaxation of Rope-Type Tendons Using Aramid Fibers2-211
[4A06] Rahman H., Adimi R., Crimi J. (National Research Council Canada, Canada) : Fatigue Behaviour of a Carbon FRP Grid Encased in Concrete2-219
[4A07] Odagiri T., Matsumoto K., Nakai H. (Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd., Japan) : Fatigue and Relaxation Characteristics of Continuous Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rods2-227
[4A08] Fukushima T. Sakayama K., Hashimoto S. (Ministry of Construction, Japan) : Dynamic Behaviours of Continuous Carbon and Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (CFRP and GFRP) for Recyclable Non-Metallic Reinforcements for Concrete Structures2-235


[1D01] Sakai Y., Ushijima S., Hayashi S., Sano T. (Aoki Corporation, Japan) : Mechanical Characteristics of Carbon Fiber Sheet with Methyl Methacrylate Resin2-243
[1D02] Toutanji H., Rey F. (University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA) : Durability Characteristics of Concrete Columns Wrapped with FRP Tow Sheets2-251
[1D03] Yagi K., Tanaka T., Sakai H., Otaguro H. (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan) : Durability of Carbon Fiber Sheet for Repair and Retrofitting2-259
[1D04] Spadea G., Pantuso A. (University of Calabria, Italy) : Flexure Tests on FRP Composites2-267
[1D05] Saito S., Bolander J. (Kyushu University, Japan) : Numerical Analyses of Shrinkage Cracking Controlled by Carbon Fiber Nets2-275



[2B01] Alsayed S.H., Al-Salloum Y.A., Almusallam T.H. (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia) : Shear Design for Beams Reinforced by GFRP Bars2-285
[2B02] Niwa J., Hirai Y., Tanabe T. (Nagoya University, Japan) : Size Effect in the Shear Strength of Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Rods2-293
[2B03] Choi I., Niwa J., Tanabe T. (Hiroshima University, Japan) : Predicted Shear Resisting Mechanism of FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams by Lattice Model2-301
[2B04] Mizukawa Y., Sato Y., Ueda T., Kakuta Y. (Hokkaido University, Japan) : A Study on Shear Fatigue Behavior of Concrete Beams with FRP Rods2-309
[2B05] Kanakubo T., Shindo M. (University of Tsukuba, Japan) : Shear Behavior of Fiber-Mesh Reinforced Plates2-317
[2B06] Tomaszewicz A.J., Markeset G. (SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering, Norway) : Shear Transfer in Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars2-325
[2B07] Kawaguchi N., Kuga H., Yoda T. (Kokushikan University, Japan) : Torsional Capacity of Non-Prestressed FRP Reinforced Concrete Members Subjected to Reversed Torsion2-333


[3B01]Achillides Z., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Bond Behaviour of FRP Bars to Concrete2-341
[3B02]Hattori A., Kawasaki K., Miyagawa T., Fujii M. (Kyoto University, Japan) : Bond Behaviors of Carbon Fiber Strand and Aramid Fiber Deformed Bar2-349
[3B03]Tepfers R., Karlesson M. (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden) : Pull-out and Tensile Reinforcement Splice Tests Using FRP C-bars2-357
[3B04]Takagi N., Kojima T., Iwamoto K., Inoue S. (Ritsumeikan University, Japan) : A Study on Bond of Continuous Fiber Rods Embedded in Beam Specimen2-365
[3B05]Kono S., Inazumi M., Kaku T. (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan) : Bond Splitting Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members Confined with CFRP Sheets2-373
[3B06]Shield C., French C., Retika A. (University of Minnesota, USA) : Thermal and Mechanical Fatigue Effects on GFRP Rebar-Concrete Bond2-381
[3B07]Wang Z., Goto Y., Joh O. (Hokkaido University, Japan) : Bond Characteristic of FRP Rods and Effect on Long Term Deflection of Concrete Beams2-389
[3B08]Reinhardt H.W., Gollas L., Weiler B., Grosse C., Eberle K. (Universitat Stuttgart, Germany) : Non-destructive Assessment of Bond Deterioration of Aramid in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete2-397


[4B01]Benmokrane B., Tighiouart B., Theriault M. (University of Sherbrooke, Canada) : Bond Strength of FRP Rebar Splices2-405
[4B02]El-Nawawy O.A. (Ain Shams University, Egypt) : The Use of Reinforced Plastic Rebars in Concrete Buildings in the Arab World2-413
[4B03]Achillides Z., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Modelling of FRP Rebar Bond Behaviour2-423
[4B04]Joh O., Wang Z., Goto Y. (Hokkaido University, Japan) : Experimental Study on Bond Cracking Performance of FRP Reinforced Concrete2-431
[4B05]Zhao W., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : FRP Reinforced Concrete: Cracking Behaviour and Determination2-439
[4B06]Kobayashi K., Rahman H., Fujisaki T. (Fukui University, Japan) : Crack Width Prediction for NEFMAC-Reinforced Flexural Members2-447
[4B07]Aiello M.A., Ombres L. (University of Lecce, Italy) : Flexural Behaviour of FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams under Service Conditions2-455


[5D01]Cosenza E., Greco C., Manfredi G., Pecce M. (Universita di Napoli Federico II, Italy) : Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Bars2-463
[5D02]Almusallam T.H., Al-Salloum Y.A., Alsayed S.H., Amjad M.A. (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia) : Behavior of Concrete Beams Doubly Reinforced by FRP Bars2-471
[5D03]Duranovic N., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Tests on Concrete Beams Reinforced with Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Bars2-479
[5D04]Tan K.H. (National University of Singapore, Singapore) : Behaviour of Hybrid FRP-Steel Reinforced Concrete Beams2-487
[5D05]Brown V.L. (Widener University, USA) : Sustained Load Deflections in GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams2-495
[5D06]Swamy N., Aburawi M. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Structural Implications of Using GFRP Bars as Concrete Reinforcement2-503
[5D07]Zhao W., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : FRP Reinforced Concrete: Calculations for Deflections2-511
[5D08]Najjar S., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Finite Element Analysis of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams2-519


[6D01]Duranovic N., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures: Design Considerations2-527
[6D02]Najjar S., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Case Studies of FRP Reinforced Concrete Elements2-535
[6D03]Sekijima K., Miyata K., Ihara T., Hayashi K. (Shimizu Corporation, Japan) : Study on Flexural Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Plastic-Concrete Composite Beam2-543
[6D04]Jaeger L.G., Mufti A.A., Tadros G. (Technical University of Nova Scotia, Canada) : The Concept of the Overall Performance Factor in Rectangular-Section Reinforced Concrete Beams2-551
[6D05]Matthys S., Taerwe L. (University of Ghent, Belgium) : Punching Tests on Concrete Slabs Reinforced with FRP Grids2-559
[6D06]El-Ghandour A.W., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Behaviour of FRP Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs2-567
[6D07]Charleson K., Abdelrahman A., Rizkalla S.H., Saltzberg W. (University of Manitoba, Canada) : Behaviour of a Model Concrete Bridge Deck Reinforced by CFRP2-575


[5B01]Mochizuki S. (Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan) : On Slip Strength of Grid Intersection of Two dimensional Grid Type FRP2-583
[5B02]Bakis C.E., Engel R.S., Nanni A., Croyle M.G. (Pennsylvania State University, USA) : FRP Grid Design and Testing2-591
[5B03]Kuhara T., Sekijima K., Shinmyo M., Konno T. (Shimizu Corporation, Japan) : Grid Continuous Fiber Reinforcements for Shield-Cuttable Tunnel-Wall System2-599
[5B04]Yamakawa T., Zhong P., Fujisaki T. (University of the Ryukyus, Japan) : Elastoplastic Behavior of Hybrid R/C Columns with CFRP Grids2-607
[5B05]Wakameda H., Makitani E., Shindo K., Zhang Y. (Kanto Gakuin University, Japan) : Flexural Behavior of Concrete Members with Two and Three Dimensional FRP Reinforcements2-615
[5B06]Bank L.C., Shapira A. (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) : Structural and Construction Aspects of Novel Multidimensional Reinforcements for Concrete2-623
[5B07]Sugiyama T., Tsuji Y., Hashimoto C. (Gunma University, Japan) : The Response of a Chemically Prestressed Concrete Beam with Lattice-Form FRP in the Flexural Strength Test2-631
[5B08]Yamasaki T., Idemitsu T. (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan) : Study on the Two-Dimensional Chemical Prestressed Concrete Thin Panel with CFRP Tendon and High Expansive Agent2-639


[2D01]Soudki K., Green M., Clapp F. (University of Waterloo, Canada) : Long-Term Behaviour of Concrete Beams Prestressed with Carbon Fibre Tendons2-647
[2D02]Satake K., Nonomura K., Tanano H., Sakashita M., Masuda Y., Oono Y. (Usamigumi Corporation, Japan) : Long-Term Deflection of Continuous Fiber Prestressed Concrete Beams2-655
[2D03]Niitani K., Tezuka M., Tamura T. (Oriental Construction Co., Ltd., Japan) : Flexural Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Beam Using AFRP Pre-tentioning Tendons2-663
[2D04]Grace N.F., Sayed G.A. (Lawrence Technological University, USA) : Behavior of Externally/Internally Prestressed Concrete Composite Bridge System2-671
[2D05]Naaman A.E., Park S.Y. (University of Michigan, USA) : Shear Behavior of Concrete Beams Prestressed with CFRP Tendons : Preliminary Tests Evaluation2-679
[2D06]Dowden D.M., Dolan C.W. (University of Wyoming, USA) : Comparison of Experimental Shear Data with Code Predictions for FRP Prestressed Beams2-687


[3D01]Adachi Y., Hayashida M., Sakai H., Mashima M., Miyagawa T. (Ministry of Construction, Japan) : Strengthening of Prestressed Concrete Segmental T-Beam Bridges Using FRP External Prestressing Systems2-695
[3D02]Zou X.W., Gowripalan N., Gilbert R.I. (University of New South Wales, Australia) : Transmission Length of AFRP Tendons in Concrete Beams2-703
[3D03]Khin M., Takewaka K., Matsumoto S., Idemitsu T. (Kagoshima University, Japan) : Experimental Study on Friction Factor for FRP Tendons in Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Members2-711
[3D04]Harada T., Soeda M., Enomoto T., Tokumitsu S., Khin M., Idemitsu T. (Nagasaki University, Japan) : Behavor of Anchorage for FRP Tendons Using Highly Expansive Material under Cyclic Loading2-719
[3D05]Benmokrane B., Chennouf A. (University of Sherbrooke, Canada) : Tensile Characteristics and Bond Properties of AFRP and CFRP Tendons for Ground Anchor Applications2-727
[3D06]Koga M., Otaguro H., Hisabe N., Kawamoto Y., Maeda H., Shigeishi M., Ohtsu M. (Obayashi Corporation, Japan) : Cable-Stayed Prestressed Concrete Bridge Suspended by CFRP-Rod Cables with a Newly Developed Compound-Type Anchor System2-735


[4D01]Zou X.W., Gowripalan N., Gilbert R.I. (University of New South Wales, Australia) : Short Term Behaviour of Concrete Beams Prestressed with CFRP Tendons2-743
[4D02]Yonekura A., Tazawa E., Zhou P. (Hiroshima University, Japan) : Flexural Characteristics of Prestressed Concrete Beams Using FRP Pipes or FRP Rods2-751
[4D03]Lees J.M., Burgoyne C.J. (University of Cambridge, UK) : Rigid Body Analysis of Concrete Beams Pre-Tensioned with Partially-Bonded AFRP Tendons2-759
[4D04]Abdelrahman A., Rizkalla S.H., Tadros G.B. (University of Manitoba, Canada) : Deformability of Flexural Concrete Members Prestressed with FRP2-767
[4D05]Matsuo M., Kojima T., Takagi N., Iwamoto K. (Ritsumeikan University, Japan) : Flexural Fatigue Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Beams with Non-Metallic Fiber Tendon under Water2-775
[4D06]Taniguchi H., Mutsuyoshi H., Kita T., Machida A. (Hazama Corporation, Japan) : Flexural Behavior of Externally Prestressed Concrete Beams Using CFRP and Aramid Rope under Static and Dynamic Loading2-783
[4D07]Manabe H., Kanaumi S., Inoue S., Miyagawa T. (Fuji P.S. Corporation, Japan) : The Ultimate Strength of PC Segmental T-Girders Using an FRP External Prestressing System2-791


[5A01]GangaRao H., Vijay P.V. (West Virginia University, USA) : Design of Concrete Members Reinforced with GFRP Bars1-143
[5A02]Narum K., Hoyland K. (Dr. techn. Olav Olsen a.s, Norway) : Analysis and Design Recommendations for FRP Reinforced Concrete1-151
[5A03]Mostofinejad D., Razaqpur A.G. (Carleton University, Canada) : Critical Analysis of Current Shear Design Methods for FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams1-159
[5A04]Uomoto T., Hattori A., Maruyama K., Machida A. (University of Tokyo, Japan) : Notes on The "Proposed Quality Standards for Continuous Fiber Reinforcing Materials" (JSCE-E131-1995)1-167
[5A05]Kakuta Y., Mutsuyoshi H., Shima H. (Hokkaido University, Japan) : New Structural Design Method for Concrete Members Using Continuous Fiber Reinforcing Material1-175
[5A06]Tsuji Y., Umehara H., Hattori A., Uomoto T., Machida A. (Gunma University, Japan) : Japanese Recommendation for Design and Construction of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Public Works -Part2 Construction-1-187
[5A07]Karbhari V.M., Seible F. (University of California, San Diego, USA) : Durability and Systems Level Design Guidelines for the Use of Fiber Reinforced Composite Reinforcements in Civil Infrastructure1-191
[5A08]Shimomura T., Amano R., Sato Y., Sekijima K., Hironaka Y. (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan) : Life Cycle Assessment of CFR Concrete Structures1-199



[1B01]Hosotani M., Kawashima K., Hoshikuma J. (Taisei Corporation, Japan) : A Study on Confinement Effect of Concrete Cylinders by Carbon Fiber Sheets1-209
[1B02]Miyauchi K., Nishibayashi S., Inoue S. (Okayama Polytechnic College, Japan) : Estimation of Strengthening Effects with Carbon Fiber Sheet for Concrete Column1-217
[1B03]Pilakoutas K., Mortazavi A.A. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Ductility through External Lateral Confinement of RC Members with FRP1-225
[1B04]Watanabe K., Nakamura H., Honda Y., Toyoshima M., Iso M., Fujimaki T., Kaneto T., Shirai N. (Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd., Japan) : Confinement Effect of FRP Sheet on Strength and Ductility of Concrete Cylinders under Uniaxial Compression1-233
[1B05]Ohno S., Miyauchi Y., Kei T., Higashibata Y. (Takenaka Corporation, Japan) : Bond Properties of CFRP Plate Joints1-241
[1B06]Mikami H., Kishi N., Sato M., Matsuoka K. (Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd., Japan) : Strengthening Effects of Winding Materials on RC Columns Due to Axial Impact Loads1-249
[1B07]Kishi N., Sato M., Mikami H., Matsuoka K. (Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan) : Failure Behavior of RC Pier Models Strengthened with Winding Aramid Tapes Due to Lateral Impact Loads1-257


[2C01]Horiguchi T., Saeki N. (Hokkaido University, Japan) : Effect of Test Methods and Quality of Concrete on Bond Strength of CFRP Sheet1-265
[2C02]Brosens K., Van Gemert D. (Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium) : Anchoring Stresses Between Concrete and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Laminates1-271
[2C03]Maeda T., Asano Y., Sato Y., Ueda T., Kakuta Y. (Shimizu Corporation, Japan) : A Study on Bond Mechanism of Carbon Fiber Sheet1-279
[2C04]Yoshizawa H., Wu Z. (Tonen Corporation, Japan) : Analysis of Debonding Fracture Properties of CFS Strengthened RC Member Subject to Tension1-287
[2C05]Fukuzawa K., Numao T., Wu Z., Yoshizawa H., Mitsui M. (Ibaraki University, Japan) : Critical Strain Energy Release Rate of Interface Debonding between Carbon Fiber Sheet and Mortar1-295
[2C06]Nanni A., Bakis C.E., Boothby T.E. (Pennsylvania State University, USA) : Externally Bonded FRP Composites for Repair of RC Structures1-303
[2C07]Saadatmanesh H., Malek A.M. (University of Arizona, USA) : Prediction of Shear and Peeling Stresses at the Plate Ends of Beams Strengthened with FRP Plates1-311
[2C08]Wu Z., Matsuzaki T., Tanabe K. (Ibaraki University, Japan) : Interface Crack Propagation in FRP-Strengthened Concrete Structures1-319


[3C01]Takahashi Y., Sato Y., Ueda T., Maeda T., Kobayashi A. (Hokkai Gakuen University, Japan) : Flexural Behavior of RC Beams with Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Sheet1-327
[3C02]Hisabe N., Sakai H., Otaguro H., Yagi K. (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan) : Flexural Reinforcing Effect of Reinforced Concrete Slab Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Sheet under Oscillation Loading1-335
[3C03]He J.H., Pilakoutas K., Waldron P. (University of Sheffield, UK) : Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams with CFRP Plates1-343
[3C04]Saafi M., Buyle-Bodin F.F. (Artois University, France) : Shear Capacity and Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened by Plate Bonding1-351
[3C05]Shimbo H., Yamada K., Asai H., Iwata M., Yonekura A. (Kajima Co., Japan) : Aseismatic Retrofit of Concrete Piers with CFRP Ring and Expansive Concrete1-363
[3C06]MacRae G.A., Nosho K., Stanton J., Myojo T. (University of Washington, USA) : Carbon Fiber Retrofit of Rectangular RC Gravity Columns in Seismic Regions1-371
[3C07]Izumo K., Saeki N., Asamizu T., Shimura K. (Hokkaido University, Japan) : Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Beams by Using Prestressed Fiber Sheets1-379
[3C08]Nishizaki I., Sakamoto H., Sasaki I., Abe M., Jinnai T. (Ministry of Construction, Japan) : Bending Fatigue Test of Prestressed Concrete Beams Reinforced with Carbon Fiber Sheets in Water Environment1-387


[4C01]Collin B., Chabert A. (Public Laboratory for Public Works, France) : Performances of Carbon Fibers Tissue/Epoxy Resin Composites for Flexural Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams1-395
[4C02]Okano M., Ohuchi H., Moriyama T., Matsumoto N., Wakui H. (Obayashi Corporation, Japan) : Carbon Fiber Retrofit of Railway Viaducts Columns1-403
[4C03]Masukawa J., Akiyama H., Saitou H. (Kajima Technical Research Institute, Japan) : Retrofit of Existing Reinforced Concrete Piers by Using Carbon Fiber Sheet and Aramid Fiber Sheet1-411
[4C04]Hakamada F. (Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation, Japan) : Experimental Study on Retrofit of RC Column using CFRP Sheet1-419
[4C05]Yanase T., Yanagisawa M. (Sato Kogyo Co. Ltd., Japan) : An Experimental Study on Existing Reinforced Concrete Columns Jacketed with Carbon Fiber Sheets1-427
[4C06]Lee H., Tomosawa F., Masuda Y., Kage T. (University of Tokyo, Japan) : Effect of CFRP Sheets on Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams Damaged by Corrosion of Tension Rebar1-435
[4C07]Kage T., Abe M., Lee H., Tomosawa F. (Ministry of Construction, Japan) : Effect of CFRP Sheets on Shear Strengthening of RC Beams Damaged by Corrosion of Stirrup1-443
[4C08]Noguchi T., Tomosawa F., Lee H., Kage T. (University of Tokyo, Japan) : Effect of CFRP Sheets on Shear Strengthening of a Reinforced Concrete Column Damaged by Rebar Corrosion1-451


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