Aircraft Impact Simulation of the WTC tower for Investigation on True Cause of the Total Collapse


 筆者らは,航空機の衝突そのものが完全崩壊の要因となった可能性を検討するため,WTC 2の全体モデルを用いた航空機衝突解析を実施し,衝突の瞬間におけるタワー全体の挙動の再現を試みた.その中で,ツインタワーの真の崩壊要因を示唆するような結果が出るに至ったのでここに報告する.

Although some official statements have been reported from FEMA and NIST, the 9/11 tragedy of the New York World Trade Center (WTC) towers still remains as an unresolved mystery. The progressive collapse sequence of the towers was unnaturally rapid, and various theories regarding this issue have been deployed among engineers, scientists, and citizens. We sought the true cause of the collapse by performing full-model, dynamic collapse analyses of WTC towers due to aircraft collision. The numerical results show instant disconnections between the core columns and the main double trusses during the impact, and a spring-back phenomenon of the core columns due to a very rapid unloading is observed. The spring-back phenomenon is fatal enough to produce gigantic tensile force to the columns, which might have triggered some connections to become totally fractured, and thus, eventually, have led to a total collapse of the towers.

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