Study theme

  Study on Reduction of Environmental Burden
  ・ Study on Marine Retention of CO2  , Poster(E) Yuki MATSUMOTO
   ・ Development of Exhaust Gas Processing System with Micro-channel Device Koji IIYAMA
   ・ Development of High Efficiency convection Technology of Biomass energy
 Study on Active Control of Thermal Fluid/R&D of Space Technology
  ・ Study on Fluid Control by Electrostatic Force  , Poster(E) Tomoyuki MAEKAWA
  ・  Study on Fluid Control by Ultrasonic Wave  , Poster(E) Yuji YAMAMOTO, Kouji HASWGAWA, Masanori KAWAKAMI
   ・ Study on Ultrasonic Wave Steam Injectors  , Poster(E) Akira FUKUICHI
  ・ Development of Translational Control System of Submerged Large Bubble by Ultrasonic Wave  
 Study on Ultrahigh-speed Heat Hransfer Flow
  ・ Study on Vapor Film Collapse in Triggering Process of Vapor Explosion  
  ・ Study on Base-triggered Vapor Explosion
  ・ Study on the Interaction of High Temperature Molten Metal and Coolant  , Poster(E) Yuta UCHIYAMA
   ・ Study on Depressurization Boiling of Volcanic Eruption  , Poster(E) Hideaki ASAI
  ・ Study on Production of Amorphous Ultraparticle with Ultrarapid Cooling of Vapor explosion  
 Study on Thermal Flow Simulation with Computer
  ・ Study on Heat Transfer and Flow Analysis by Lattice Gas Automaton Method